Inspiration Series…Alfresco Play Ideas

Now that we have a front garden and a back garden (or “Yard” as the Australians would call it), I am really keen to create an exciting and inviting outdoor play area for the boys.

I opted against getting a swing set as Seb loves going on the swing whenever we go to a park and it might lose its novelty if we have one at home.  There are also lots of miniature plastic slides designed for young children but I think the boys would outgrow something like that very quickly.

I have been totally inspired by the ideas I have found on the internet and thought I would share some of my favourites.

Miniature Herb Garden

I have always liked the idea of getting the boys gardening early on, even if Mr G and I are not green fingered at all!  I have chosen to create a herb garden as I can plant the herbs that I regularly use in my cooking, and it should be relatively low maintenance.  I will get Seb his own little watering can and shovel so that he can help me look after the herb garden, and if he enjoys it we may even consider Making an Organic Vegetable Garden.

I am also planning on getting Seb his own plastic lawnmower and wheelbarrow as he is obsessed with pushing things around!


Wooden Sandpit with Trucks

A common feature of every playgroup that we go to is a large wooden sandpit filled with trucks…absolute heaven for any little boy!  I think it is worth spending a bit more to get a wooden sandpit as opposed to a plastic one, and I will make sure I get one with a cover to keep all the nasties out.


Willow Playhouse

It would be such a fun project to build a Willow Playhouse and it would look fantastic in our front garden.  The great thing about it is that you can decorate the willow framework to create different themes.  It would also be lovely to attach some outdoor fairy lights to the inside to create a magical hideaway.


Unfortunately, willow seems to be hard to come by in Australia so I have found an alternative…the Runner Bean Teepee.


Music Station

Sebastian loves playing musical instruments and this is a fantastic idea for creating a Recycled Outdoor Music Station using old tin cans and jingle bells.


Pebble Feet

I absolutely love these and think they would look so cute in the flower beds next to our decking area.  I am planning to do make 4 pebble feet, one for each member of the family, and then attach them to a large slate tile.

Pebble Feet

Cubby House

The boys are too young for this at the moment but I did come across some of the most amazing cubby houses.  This was my absolute favourite on Dos Family.


Creating Nature Lovers

I recently read an article on how to ‘Raise a kid who loves nature’ and it suggested creating a scrapbook of photos and crafts made with things from the garden.  Seb loves looking at photos of himself and it would be lovely to create a miniature photo album of Seb gardening and playing outdoors.

Outdoor Toy Storage

I also found some great ideas for storing outdoor toys and I am planning to devote one of our outdoor sheds to the boys’ toys.  I particularly liked this set-up by Here’s What’s Cooking.


Now I just need to decide which idea to tackle first!


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