Project Nursery Part 1…My First Attempt at Painting a Room

I absolutely love our new house but it does need a little bit of love and attention in some places.  At the top of my list of jobs to do was painting Oscar’s bedroom and setting up the nursery.  I had never painted a room before and, after years of renting, it is so nice to finally be able to put my stamp on the interior and paint the walls whatever colour I want!

I started doing some internet research on how to go about painting a room and came up with a list of equipment I needed to buy on my next trip to Bunnings.

  • Canvas Drop Cloth
  • Spakfilla
  • Sanding Sponge
  • Sugar Soap
  • Masking Tape
  • Caulk
  • White Emulsion (for ceiling and one of the walls)
  • Grey Emulsion (for the rest of the walls)
  • Primer (for woodwork)
  • White Gloss Paint (for woodwork)
  • Roller & Paint Tray
  • Roller with Extension Pole
  • Angled Brush
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Mini Roller

I then cleared out everything from Oscar’s bedroom, except for his Boori cot which is too wide to fit through the door without dismantling it.  The ceiling had clearly not been painted for a very long time and had a yellowish tinge to it, plus the walls were covered in holes that needed to be filled.

Nursery Before Shot

My first job was to fill all of the holes in the walls with Spakfilla and then sand the walls flat with a sanding sponge.  I then put some sugar soap in a spray bottle and washed all of the walls and woodwork to remove dirt and grease.  I used masking tape to cover the light switches and power socket, and then I taped off the carpet by pushing masking tape right under the skirting board (I resorted to using a cheese slicer as it was the closest thing I had to a flat instrument!).

Nursery Collage

I had read about “Caulking” where you fill in the gap between the skirting board and the walls with decorators’ caulk to get a really neat finish.  I bought a cheap caulking gun but totally failed in my attempts to use it, so it was a big relief when I discovered that Bunnings sold a ‘Press N Go’ tube of caulk that could be used without a caulking gun.  I used my finger to smooth the caulk down and was amazed at how easy it was to get such a professional look.  I also decided to apply caulk to the gap between the ceiling alcove and the walls.

Our house has very old-fashioned door handles throughout and I am on a mission to replace them all with chrome fixtures.  I looked up how to remove a door handle and it turned out to be extremely straightforward, it just meant that I could no longer shut the door on my extremely inquisitive toddler!  I also removed the window latches and the wardrobe door handle before priming all of the woodwork.

Finally I was ready to begin painting after what seemed like hours of preparation.  My arms got quite a workout from painting the ceiling and the transformation from yellow to white was dramatic to say the least.  I painted one of the walls white at the same time and waited for it to dry before painting the rest of the walls grey.  After much deliberation, I settled on a shade called “Silver Princess” much to the dismay of Mr G who thought it sounded far too feminine for his son’s bedroom!

Nursery Ceiling

I taped off the edges of the white walls with blue painters tape and then applied the grey paint.  The colour looks fantastic and I am really pleased that I decided to keep one wall white as it is nice to see the contrast between the white and the grey.

I used blue painters tape and a mini roller to create a chevron feature wall after being inspired by House 36.  I decided to paint a single chevron pattern but may decide to do the whole wall later on.


The final job was to paint all of the woodwork with gloss paint and I must admit that I found “cutting-in” to the walls extremely challenging.  It certainly requires a steady hand and next time I would be tempted to tape off the walls before painting the trim to get a sharper line.  Once everything was dry I had the pleasure of removing all of the masking tape and standing back to admire my hard work!

Our regular handyman was able to complete the finishing touches and put on a new door handle and wardrobe handle, as well as fix white safety window locks.  He also ripped out the existing shelves in the wardrobe and fitted some new white melamine shelves.  The door handles look perfect and really add a modern look to the nursery…I just cannot wait to replace the rest of the door handles now!

Nursery Door Before_After

It probably took me over a week to paint Oscar’s bedroom but I was only able to do a few hours each day when the boys were napping or after they had gone to bed.  It was not ideal that I did the majority of the painting in the evening as the lighting was poor and I fell victim to a couple of unforseen Moth attacks!  It took far longer to paint the woodwork than I had thought and I was up until midnight doing the priming alone.  In spite of all the sleep that I have lost to get the nursery painted, I am so pleased that I did it and feel such a sense of satisfaction every time I walk into Oscar’s room.

I am almost ready to reveal the completed nursery to you all, I am just waiting on some handmade blackout curtains and a couple of other finishing touches!


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