Project Nursery Part 2…Oscar’s Yellow and Grey Chevron Nursery Reveal

After months of planning, moving house and some lessons in painting (read my blog here), I am finally ready to reveal Oscar’s Yellow & Grey Chevron Themed Nursery.



This nursery has been a complete labour of love and I am absolutely thrilled with the end result. I cannot actually remember how I decided on the yellow and grey colour scheme, and I certainly had no idea that Chevron was going to be such a massive trend when I chose it for the soft furnishings.

I started collecting pieces for the nursery while I was pregnant with Oscar, even though we were still living in our two bedroom apartment with no prospect of a nursery to decorate. I carried on stockpiling throughout the remainder of the pregnancy and luckily we bought our new house a month after Oscar was born, so at least I had somewhere to put everything!

I eventually found the time to paint the nursery and I chose a lovely shade of grey called ‘Silver Princess’ for three of the four walls. I kept one wall white and painted a single grey chevron stripe as I thought it would create a good contrast against the solid grey walls.


I also removed the ugly brass door handles and ripped out the old shelving from the built-in wardrobe. They were replaced with lovely chrome door handles and some brand new melamine shelving.


Nursery Furniture

Oscar has inherited Sebastian’s Boori Country Classic Cot and Change Table.  I also needed some additional storage for Oscar’s clothes and thought that a chest of drawers would be the best solution.  It took me about 5 hours to assemble the eight-drawer unit and I am in no hurry to build another chest of drawers any time soon!

The final piece of furniture in the nursery is the IKEA Poang Chair which I had originally used in Sebastian’s nursery.  I wanted to give it a new lease of life so I ordered a slipcover from Bemz in a fabric called ‘A Paler Shade of Grey’.  The chair looks fantastic and it was definitely money well spent.  I have the Poang foot stool as well, and I had bought a new slipcover for that too, but it is just too cramped to have it in Oscar’s nursery so it is redundant for the time being!


Soft Furnishings

I got the lovely Liz at Dezignz by Liz to make some fitted cot sheets in yellow chevron and grey chevron fabrics.  She made the fantastic change-mat cover with a panel of soft grey minky fabric down the centre, and also the yellow chevron crib rail cover.

055 056

The very talented Shannon from Milly Molly Mandy made me a custom fleece-lined cot blanket and koala softie in a combination of grey chevron fabric, yellow striped fabric and navy polka-dot fabric.  They are both absolutely lovely and I am taking monthly photos of Oscar with his koala!


I bought a beautiful Monogrammed Yellow Chevron Pillow Cover from nest2impress and a Personalised Yellow Chevron Decorative Sham Pillow from Pottery Barn Kids.



My biggest indulgence in Oscar’s nursery was the Lemon Yellow Chevron Rug but I really think it completes the overall theme.  I must admit that it was a little smaller than I expected and Mr G nearly choked when I told him how much it cost!


My very clever Mum made some gorgeous eyelet curtains in a Cornflower Yellow fabric with blackout lining.  I also put up a simple matchstick blind as we have floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the house and it adds some privacy whilst still letting light in.



Wall Art

I absolutely love choosing wall art and there was no shortage of gorgeous prints to choose from.  The focal piece in the nursery is the framed birth announcement hanging above the chest of drawers.  I ordered the set of three prints from A Drop of Golden Sun and then displayed them in a thick white wooden frame.


I could not resist this ‘A Little Man Sleeps Here’ print and I also chose a lovely Monogrammed Print with Chevron Background.



I then have four different sized pictures arranged randomly on the smallest wall.


The Welcome Heart Map Print is by May & Belle and I chose the Mottled Grey colour.  I also have a beautiful Owl Lullaby Lino Print which Dawn printed for me in a slightly metallic silver ink.


The other prints are a commemorative birth certificate and a larger version of the custom whale birth announcement that was designed for us by Sheridan Original Prints (see my blog here).


I have also used some Wall Stickers in the nursery and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to apply!


I had these gorgeous chevron fabric letters made by Nicole at Cheekee Monkeez and I am thrilled with how they turned out.


Finishing Touches

I applied a Personalised Whale Door Sticker to the nursery door.


I completely fell in love with the Zachary Hunter Fabric Lantern by Kate Lauren as it matches the nursery theme perfectly.


Hanging above the change table is a custom-made Felt Whale Mobile.  It has been beautifully made and Oscar absolutely loves looking up at it when I am getting him changed.


I bought these Grey Harper Canvas Pop Up Totes (Chevron and Solid Grey) from Pottery Barn Kids and had them embroidered with ‘Explore’, ‘Dream’, ‘Create’ and ‘Imagine’.


I found this fantastic 3 Sprouts Goat Laundry Hamper which coordinates with the colour scheme of the nursery and has plenty of space for all of Oscar’s laundry!


This gorgeous Zuny Ida the Giraffe Yellow Bookend looks great sitting on top of the chest of drawers and can also be used as a doorstop or bookend.


One of the first things I bought when I was planning the nursery was this gorgeous Diaper Caddy from Baffin Bags in yellow chevron with grey lining.  I can fit an entire pack of nappies in it and it just looks fantastic sitting on the change table.  I also have a smaller Fabric Storage Basket in grey elephant fabric with yellow lining which I use to store baby wipes.


The final piece in the nursery is my beloved ubbi Diaper Pail which is the best nappy disposal system that I have come across, and it also looks super stylish.

I absolutely loved creating Oscar’s nursery and my love of all things Chevron shows no signs of waning!  My next project is to finish Sebastian’s toddler bedroom makeover and then both of my boys will have bedrooms to be proud of!


One thought on “Project Nursery Part 2…Oscar’s Yellow and Grey Chevron Nursery Reveal

  1. Very much a labour of love and having seen it first hand you should be very proud of your achievements . Oscars room has such a calming and inviting feel to it. He is a very lucky boy ! Well done Sares . Your creative flair shines through in everything you do . X x x

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